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Say thank you with Merci. Box filled with healthy organic treats to indulge taste, body and soul. Great gift for many occasion but especially to express our appreciation, which is so important to make someone feel special. Great gift for customers and corporate events.
  • The Market Bag "Merci" from Dans Le Sac | 100% natural cotton, use this bag at the market, the beach or on any other occasion! Its strong enough to run all kinds of errands, the eco-friendly way. This reusable bag will last years and reduces the amount of plastic in the environment with each use. 44x40x10cm | Quebec, Canada
  • Bourbon Vanilla Chocolate from Ritual | Made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, this chocolate is rich, dark and bold with a floral, buttery aroma | Park City, Utah
  • Impossibly Good Trail Mix from Shār | 100% organic, healthy, delicious and ethically sourced from small family farms. Ingredients: almonds, blueberries, cashews, Montmorency cherries, cranberries, dark chocolate chips, pecan, pistachios and coconut flakes. 105g | handcrafted in Austin, Texas
  • Organic Granola from Banner Road Bakery | The Original. Clusters of organic oats, seeds & quinoa tossed with Missouri pecans, dried tart cherries and coconut chips and oven-baked to a sweet crunch with extra virgin olive oil & pure maple syrup. 113g | Montana US
  • Bourbon and Maple Caramels from Shotwell Candy | This buttery soft caramel is infused with barrel-aged bourbon, a splash of pure maple syrup, roasted fresh pecans and finished with a light sprinkling of crunchy sea salt, 113 g, wrapped in decorative paper | Tennessee, USA 
  • Olive Oil and Sea Salt Mini Crackers from Jocelyn & Co | these gourmet crackers are awesomely crispy made of natural ingredients | Arizona USA
  • Kuju Coffe Pour Over "Ethiopia" x2 | an awakening experience  with flavors of morning citrus, honey and Yirgacheffe's signature blueberry notes, the taste is really great | San Francisco, CA
  • Dried flowers bouquet
  • Pinewood Box wit sliding top filled with wood wool and decorated with cotton ribbon

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