I have found our gift - passion for beauty of giving. Now I'm ready to share it with you. Let's find gratitude in simple things, slow down and connect. 

I want to help you in surprising someone with a gift, that is simple in nature yet unique and sophisticated. The goods included in gift boxes are not only good for us, our mood, our body and soul, but also for the environment that surrounds us. They help us appreciate tiny moments, as we go about our day and make us more happy. Most of the products are organic, reusable or recyclable and were handcrafted in small batches by artisans, who value sustainable living.

I encourage you to bring smile on someone else's face because it is in giving that we find the biggest pleasure.    

I am a nature lover and have a strong passion for travel, novelty, scents and designs. Surrounding us beauty inspires me greatly at every step of my daily life - it gives me direction and makes me want to live a certain lifestyle, a lifestyle which is balanced, focuses on good habits and lowers stress.
Discovering and matching up fresh, good looking and high quality items is something I do with considerable amount of excitement! The need for creation combined with Master Degree in Business Management has brought me to this point of fulfilling my dream and opening an online curated gift shop, where I can express myself by presenting you with a set of thematically organised gift boxes, containing a little luxury we all deserve!
My mission is to offer you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience while sharing the moments. Searching for those treasures has brought me an enormous amount of pleasure and has let me meet wonderful people. Those business owners and artisans are extremely grateful for having their products offered to you in our gorgeous Switzerland! 



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