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Honeymoon Gift Box features sustainable and artisanal products to celebrate the happiness of newly married couple and wishing them all the best on their new endeavour. 

  • Handcrafted Espresso Cups x 2 from Pot Studio | This unique pieces was made from ceramic stoneware and hand thrown on potter's wheels. Glazed | handmade in Poland
  • Haiti Chocolate from Honeymoon Chocolates | this 75% baris is made of Haiti PISA Cacao + Coffee and sweetened exclusively with Raw Honey. Bean to bar. Compostable packaging, every purchase help to save the bees! | handcrafted in Missouri 
  • Honeybee Garden Towel from June & December | Featuring a pattern of honeybee favorites like, Crocus, Echinacea, and Foxglove to name a few, this tea towel is screen printed on 100% flour sack cotton to preserve its uniquely soft, absorbent, and durable nature. 63x66 cm | Michigan 
  • Bath and Body Meditation Oil "New Moon" from Among The Flowers | a blend of aromatherapeutic oils to encourage recharging and re-calibrating energy during the time of the new moon. Experience a sense of gentle stimulation and deeply nourishing oil, perfect for setting intentions, massage, enhanced bath, or daily meditation. Scent of: bergamot, lavender, lime, helichrysum, vanilla, frankincense, orange | wildcrafted in California
  • Lavender Thyme Soy Candle from Benjamin Soap | natural plants derived oils of lavender, sweet basil, juniper berry and thyme, 100% soy for an eco-friendly, clean burn, lead-free cotton wick, wooden top and reusable 266 ml glass | hand poured in Texas
  • Elizabeth W Lavender Pillow Spray, based on essential oils this natural spray has very calming and gentle aroma | California
  • Alpine Clover Matches
  • Dried Flowers Bouquet
  • Pinewood Box With Sliding Lid, decorated with satin ribbon and dried flowers


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