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Green Jade Facial Roller from Ginger June | This beauty tool, also known as a jade roller, is a roller with on both sides a piece of jade stone that you literally roll over your face. Jade is primarily considered an ornamental gemstone (jade), it is also said that it can have healing powers. The jade roller was used by the Ancient Chinese for centuries for smooth, youthful looking skin.

"Meet the Jade Roller. This Chinese skincare tool will cool, tighten, and de-puff your face in seconds."

Jade is cool to the skin, even when it’s at room temperature, and as you roll, it stays relatively cold. BUT you can stick it in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use for extra benefits

Jade Roller Benefits:

  • Reduce dark under eye circles
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Tighten and reduce pore size 
  • Improve blood circulation and skin tone
  • Improve elasticity of the skin
  • Reduce puffiness and wrinkles

Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique and vary from the picture that is listed. Some will be darker and some will be lighter.

How to practice jade rolling

Step 1
Cleanse your face thoroughly.

Step 2

Step 3
Apply serum, moisturizer, or a mask (pictured during a facial at Alchemie, where they do it with two jade rollers).

Step 4
Start rolling! Either start at the chest or the forehead, using outward and upward motions doing about three up-and-out passes per area. After just a few strokes on your face, neck and decolletage, you’ll see that your skin is brighter and your fine lines are, literally, rolled out, Covenant says.

Keep at it for about two minutes.

If you applied a mask and it starts to get sticky (this is good—it means the product is being pushed down into your skin), spray a little mist on your face to get things moving again.

If you applied a clear serum or moisturizer, this is where you’ll see your face start to flush. This is also good—it means you’re increasing the circulation to your face and helping with cell rebuilding, collagen boosting, and lymphatic drainage.

Step 5
Wipe your face clean. Then add serum or moisturizer. (If you started with serum or moisturizer, the product has been pushed deeply into your skin during jade rolling. Give it another slather.)

And you’re done! There’s no harm in rolling every day, but it’s most commonly done three or four times a week. And in a wellness pinch, you can also roll the cool jade over your temples and sinuses to ease a headache—or over your jaw to destress.

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