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Who doesn't deserve real rest if not a woman who takes care of her newborn? Calm Mama Giftbox features natural products designed to provide comfort and rest for busy Mom who just gave a birth to her precious Baby. This gift set will soothe and relax. Show how much you care and support new mothers. A beautiful present for wife, friend or work colleague.

  • "Calm Mom" Breast Salve by Among The Flowers | raw beeswax, coconut oil, herb infused rice bran oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, chamomile essential oil, all natural for Baby's and Mom's health | handcrafted in California
  • "Lavender Lullaby" Baby Wash by Among The Flowers | a blend of castile soap and lavender floral water for a natural and safe way to clean baby. Detergent, preservative, additive, dye, fragrance free and non-toxic, this gentle formula is earth and sensitive skin-friendly | handcrafted in California
  • Sea Clay Body Mask by Formulary 55 | natural cleansing. Based on essential oils, Dead See mineral clay and activated charcoal. Great natural whole body detox | Colorado
  • Linen Eye Mask by  Elizabeth W | incredibly soft and gentle helps to get better rest Made of washed linen and silk with adjustable velvet, elastic strap | California
  • 'Comfort' Organic Soy Travel Candle by Aija | An outdoorsy scent with a touch of uplifting lemon, fig, juniper and grounding cedar. 25h burning time | Hand-poured in small batches in Ontario Canada
  • "Mama's Gift" Herbal Tea Bags by Flying Bird Botanicals | organic. smooth and lemony, delicious, crafted to supports a healthy supply of milk, it also supports digestion and overall wellbeing of new Moms, reusable can | Washington
  • Pinewood Box with sliding top | cotton ribbon + dried flower bouquet


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