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CHF 10.00
Impossibly Good Trail Mix from Shār | 100% organic, healthy, delicious and ethically sourced from small family farms. 105g | handcrafted in Austin, Texas
Ingredients: almonds, blueberries, cashews, Montmorency cherries, cranberries, dark chocolate chips, pecan, pistachios and coconut flakes
  • 9 incredible ingredients
  • no preservatives
  • plastic free shār-tube
  • reusable/refillable, recyclable, and biodegradable 
  • pocket & pack-friendly - approximately 4 servings
  • compostable label from elevate packaging

Here is what the owner says:

"we like to think that every handful of shār is a big vote for community and for giving back to our amazing planet. so, hunting down the most incredible ingredients and growers, ones that align with our own environmental principles and love of nature, is one part of the mix. the other is making sure everything we do stacks up environmentally".

and we say.. must try! we had it and loved it!

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