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  • Original Salted Caramels from Shotwell Candy | This buttery soft caramel is infused with barrel-aged bourbon, vanilla extract and then finished with crunchy Celtic grey salt. 113 g | Tennessee, USA 

This individually wrapped caramels are hand-cut and the size of each piece will vary. about 16 pieces in the box.

Back Story from the owner:

"The one that started it all.  I'm such a sucker for salted caramel and will never fail to order dessert if "salted caramel" is even mentioned on the dessert list"

* When unwrapping each of your caramels, you may notice that the salt crystals are less visible or in differing amounts than what is shown in the pictures. Again, due to the hand-made nature of our candy, the amount of salt on each piece will vary somewhat.  Likewise, the wrapping process tends to "push" the salt crystals slightly into the soft caramel surface so that they are less visible.

 Shipping and Handling* Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days. We don't include printed invoice inside the package.  

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