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CHF 79.00
Awesome Box containing healthy breakfast will satisfy your favourite girl in household, friend or female co-worker. Sunday Morning can be given to celebrate Birthday, Mother's Day, Housewarming or to say Merci.
  • Reversible Napkins from June & December (x2)sprigs of olive and dandelion. Each sprig symbolizes and embodies the meanings of peace and healing. These napkins are incredibly soft and absorbent, 100% flour sack cotton, eco friendly. 38x51 cm | Michigan USA
  • Organic Granola from Banner Road Bakery | "Mocha Morning" Bundles of organic oats, seeds, quinoa & toasty hazelnuts accelerated by Askinosie Chocolate® and Kaldi’s coffee, roasted to a sweet crunch with extra virgin olive oil & organic honey. 113g | Missouri USA
  • Village Green Tea from Flying Birds Botanicals | savoury notes combined with deliciously green grassy tastes of Sencha. It makes a perfect afternoon cup, 100% organic
  • Botanical Cream "Wildflowers" from Among The Flowers | soft floral scents from geranium plus vanilla and mint essential oils. A deeply moisturizing liquid cream, made naturally for quick hydration. INGREDIENTS: rice bran oil, aloe vera extract, witch hazel, beeswax, essential oils of: geranium, mint and vanilla | hadcrafted in California USA

  • Pinewood Box with sliding top filled with wood wool and decorated with cotton ribbon



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