Organic Soy Hand Poured Candles from Penrose and Natura Rzeczy

 handcrafted BIO soy wax with fine fragrances and natural essential oils. The candles are phthalate free and vegan. It is healthy and refreshing to breath such a natural air filled with this enticing scents! Real and subtle aroma will be experienced after lighting up the wooden wick and letting the wax melt. Wood wicks are chosen for their subtle crackling sound and wide, modern flame. They require a small amount of maintenance to ensure a steady burn: Before you relight your candle, or when burning your candle for long periods of time, you may notice the flame height is getting too low. Simply pinch of the charred portion at the top of the wick. (Allow the candle to cool completely before touching). For best results, always allow melt pool to reach the edges of the jar. This will prevent "tunneling" where the candle burns down the center, leaving wax on the edge. Tunneling is caused by lighting the candle for only short amounts of time. We recommend a burn time of 2-3 hours at a time.
Made in USA and EU
Hand and Cuticle Salve from Whispering Willow
keeping our hands healthy especially in harsh temperatures of autumn and winter can be a challenge. This handcrafted salve provides a unique blend of natural oils coupled with organic beeswax to provide vitamins, nutrients and lasting protection. Choose lavender for anti-inflammatory and calming effects. This relaxing herb helps bring on sleep when used in a pre-bedtime. For antibacterial and energising purpose we recommend lemongrass! 
Who is Whispering Willow? A company based North Carolina, that promises to make products that improve your life, our shared community, and our world.They pledge to:
*use natural and, whenever available, certified organic ingredients to support the use of sustainable growing practices and reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides used throughout the world *use essential oils for scent and natural clays and botanicals for color *choose eco-friendly packing materials to minimize the environmental impact of shipping *never use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or artificial dyes!
Made in USA
Bar Natural Soap from Whispering Willow
A unique blend of organic palm-free oils and botanicals creates a rich, moisturising lather filled with vitamins and nutrients. The soap is handcrafted in natural settings of North Carolina. Essential oil soaps are a muted scent. There is no synthetic fragrance oil. To preserve its life make sure the soap bar doesn't live in mid stream of shower water. The reason natural soap disintegrates faster is because the water wears away at the ingredients. So the goal is to keep the soap dry between uses. For this reason, with every soap the natural cedar wood soap dish is also included in the gift box.
Made in USA
 Cedar & Beech Soap Dish
is a beautiful and practical way to preserve the bar soap. This soap dish is designed to allow water to drain through, extending the life of the bar. Please note that the cedar dish is natural raw wood and not coated with any lacquer in an effort to keep everything all natural. They will last a very long time and are very durable even when exposed to water. At times natural tannins in the wood may cause some brown water to run off the soap dish. This is completely natural and should stop within 2-3 weeks. These tannins at times can stain very sensitive surfaces. For this reason we do not recommend using these dishes on marble or light coloured natural stone. Beech Soap Dish that we include in some boxes has heavier more luxurious feel and we noticed it doesn't leach tannins.
Made in USA
Home Spray from Soyoosh and Pillow Spray from Elizabeth W
are based on essential oils, which are extracted from plants. Their gentle in nature, not overwhelming scents provide great aromatherapy benefits, either relaxing or energising. Very healthy way to give our space real refreshment! Soyoosh is a young company that place its believe in the power of nature. That is why their products ingredients are only those you can find in plants itself. Made in EU.
Who is Elizabeth W? A company born in 1995 in San Francisco, California which believes that there are fragrances for the masses and perfumes that speak to the individual. From the exterior design of a product to the scent inside, they seek to touch the individual with the collection of fragrances that are clean, simple, sophisticated, elegant, and totally original. They reflect an emphasis on quality and beauty, valuable lessons passed down through the generations. Highly recommended!
Made in USA 
Body Care Masks, Steams and Foot Soaks from Formulary 55
handmade luxurious bath and body products that are formulated with intention and crafted with care, made of only natural ingredients! All of the products are certified cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Be careful not to add too much water while creating mask, it requires only little drops in order to achieve a paste.
Who is Formulary 55? A company launched in 2012 in Seattle, Washington who makes modern botanicals for bath, body, and home. Their team is made up of makers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and do-ers. They combine diverse talents and passions daily to bring the customers a unique botanical experience!
Made in USA
Flying Bird Botanicals
is a company very passioonable about crafting beautifully delicious artisan tea. They want to bring you the finest tastes from around the world, using organic ingredients, grown on traditional family farms. The drinking chocolate from them is handcrafted using the finest organic sun-dried heirloom cacao and lightly sweetened with cane crystals. 
Made in USA
Greeting Cards from May We Fly and RE-adore Design
May We Fly is the brand of artist and designer Leana Fischer. She believes in creating artwork that inspires delight and celebrates the beauty that is found every day. She creates watercolor paintings and made to celebrate simple pleasures, take notice of the simple moments. RE-adore Design is a company based in Switzerland who creates handmade products from recycled fabrics. 
Made in USA and Switzerland 


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