CHF 85.00
    • Ritual Chocolate | Fruity Ethiopian Novo Coffee, balanced, smooth coffee-infused chocolate bar that coffee lovers will love | Park City, Utah
    • Haiti Chocolate from Honeymoon Chocolates | this 75% baris is made of Haiti PISA Cacao + Coffee and sweetened exclusively with Raw Honey. Bean to bar. Compostable packaging, every purchase help to save the bees! | handcrafted in Missouri USA
    • Bio Village Green Tea from Flying Birds Botanicals | loaded with antioxidants savoury notes combined with deliciously green grassy tastes of Sencha, 100% organic, reusable tin | Washington USA
    • Craft Beer and Pretzel Caramels from Shotwell Candy | soft caramel with a healthy dose of Ghost River Brewing's Golden Ale and finished with nice sized chunks of hand-crushed salty pretzels. Makes a perfect malty, crunchy, sweet and salty bite! | Tennessee USA
    • Organic Granola from Banner Road Bakery | By By Blues! Perfect pick me up flavour. Huddles of organic oats, seeds, quinoa & puffed millet mingled with toasted English walnuts and dried blueberries, warmed to a sweet crunch with extra virgin olive oil & pure maple syrup. 113g | Missouri, USA
    • Almond Butter Cookies from Jocelyn & Co | The Luxe Collection - delicious gourmet and crispy treats, cookies made with rich real butter and almonds | Arizona USA
    • Cinnamon Mints from Simply Mints  | very refreshing but with the invigorating taste of cinnamon. Crafted with only natural ingredients. | Canada
    • Olive Oil and Sea Salt Mini Crackers from Jocelyn & Co | these gourmet crackers are awesomely crispy made of natural ingredients | Arizona USA
    • Fennel Natural Chewing Gum from Simply Mints | Known for its palate-cleansing properties, this fennel chewing gum freshens breath, while offering a hint of sweetness | Canada
    • Large Pinewood Box 28x28x10 cm with sliding top | decorated with ribbon, twig and gift tag
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